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Eurasian Law & Financial Group

Roman Kobrel, Lawyer and founder of ELFG

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the website of our international law company Kanzlei Kobrel and the Eurasian Law & Financial Group with its headquarter in Hamburg, Germany.

Our main attorney’s office is located directly in the center of Hamburg, on the shore of beautiful Alster river.  We specialize in legal advice of Russian-speaking and international clients from all over the world. German companies with business interests in the CIS countries (former USSR) are also advised.

Every visit to a lawyer means, in many cases, a legal dispute or other negative legal matters which require the involvement of a lawyer. Do not worry! We make it our task the elimination of the negative consequences and helping you quickly and uncomplicated to defend your rights.

The consultation can be given in German as well as in the English language by the english-speaking lawyer in Hamburg, Roman Kobrel.


Our law firm can provide legal assistance in numerous juristic matters.

Just give us a call! In the first telephone conversation, which is free of charge, we will be able to assess immediately whether and how we can help you.

The information below describes the main areas of our juristical activity. However, our law firm can help you in a much wider area of problems.

Special Legal Area

  • Media Law
  • IT-Law
  • International Trade of Goods Law (CISG)
  • Transportation Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Commercial Legal Protection
  • Trademark and Patent Law, Trademark Registration
  • Defense of Warnings in AAUC (Act Against Unfair Competition) or Copyright Law
  • Copyright

In family law we take over the processing of the consensual divorce


  • Foundation of a Limited Liability Company and subsequent immigration to Germany
  • Support for contract negotiations between entrepreneurs of all kinds
  • Support for new foreign companies by existing business contacts in Germany


  • Representation of interests
  • Support for business projects
  • Support for Government procurement procedures
  • Support for contract negotiations between entrepreneurs of all kinds


For several years already Roman Kobrel, a Russian-speaking lawyer in Hamburg, has been advising mainly Russian-speaking clients on various matters. Numerous German companies, but mostly the ones with a foreign connection, belong to our group of clients as well.

Roman Kobrel originally comes from Almaty, Kazakhstan, and therefore he speaks Russian fluently.

As a english-speaking lawyer in Hamburg, Roman Kobrel was able to build up a large network of Russian-speaking colleagues and businessmen across the whole Europe and CIS countries. Thus, it has become much easier to meet the demands of the market in the Russian-speaking regions. Through the long-term work as a Russian-speaking and international law firm, we are also able to offer a wide range of solutions for various problems.

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